Facts & Diet

Factsdiet is the education ocean about the animals and birds available on the earth. We trying our best to cover all the relevant species whether they are still alive, near to extinct or purely extinct. Whether they are scavenger, Carnivorous or herbivorous. A lots of curiosity among the world about their evolution and extinction. Billions of people want to know about their facts & diet, structure, lifespan, habitat, sexual behavior and all other habitual information’s.

Water, Sky and Ground are the main parts of the earth. The planet has uncountable resources, which make it awesome as this is the only planet in the universe known to life. Millions of elements untidily make this planet amazing and incredible place to live. The Green forests, blue sky and transparent water are the jewel of the Earth.

These resources make the livelihood possible. Life is always move on. A certain lifespan of the creatures are always moving on. Life and death is the two integral part of the creature world. Human, Animals, birds, Insects, Fish, Worms like millions of species live on the earth. Their presence make this planet most beautiful among the planets available in the Universe.

As human is the prime member. They are the finest example of the Nature. Birds and Animals are also the two incredible gift of nature. They provide the necessary balance to the Earth. Birds and Animals and all the different species are as important as the others.

Herbivorous Animals

Herbivorous AnimalsA herbivorous is an animal who depends on the plant material to live. Plants are the only source of energy for such animals. They have the digestive system to digest various kind of plant material like grass and leaves.They are anatomically accepted the green material as a diet. Plant and all the relevant material are the main food resources for them.

As plant material is the main source of diet they have mouth parts to grind and rasp the food. All the herbivorous animals have flat teeth to crush the tree bark and all kind of the tough green material. They are bis by structure and require more and more energy to live. Many of them like cow, sheep etc eat the hole day. Our planet is very rich via greenery. There is a lot of varieties of plants to make them alive and fulfill their nutritional requirements.

Many birds are also dependent on the plants and flowers for their diets. It’s widely available on the planet according to the season. For example they eat the blossom flowers or buds of flowers through out the spring. On the contrary they consume nectar and leaves at the winter time.

Below are some of the example of herbivorous diets are fruits, seeds, grass, buds,alga, nuts, sap, tubers and leaves.

Scavenger Animals

Scavenger AnimalsAn animal or a bird who eat carcasses as well as the plant material. They have a dual feeding behavior. Scavenger is the most important part of the ecosystem as they clean the hunting waste which contaminate the environment. They eat the dead animals and their waste. Their digestive system is as strong as to digest the animal bone. Their jaws are really strong as they crush a full bone into small peaces and swallow it.

In the simple words birds or animal, who eat other rotten hunt or carcasses are called scavenger. A person who clean the streets and garbage spread out by others human being are also called scavengers. They are very rare on the planet.

The well known scavenger animal is Hyenas ( Striped Hynea & Spotted Hyena). We can include the Vulture as top scavenger among the birds. Blowflies, burying beetles and yellow jackets are the famous insect scavengers. There is also a category which is called sub scavengers. African Lion, wolves and leopards are the famous sub scavengers. They are having sly nature and if they provide the chance they snatch your prey. They use their large body to threaten the original hunter and compel them to leave the hunt for them.

If enough rotten dead is not available then the scavengers are also hunt to ignore their hunger. Scavengers like crows and wild dogs eat the road kills.

Omnivores Animals

Omnivores are those creatures who get their dietary nutrition’s originated from the animals and plant. They like to eat fruits and seeds similar to the animal meat. Human are best of example of the Omnivores. Dogs, American crow, Monkeys ( Vervet & Macaque ) and walking catfish are another Omnivores.

They classified as per their feeding habits. for example :

  • Orangutans and Maned wolves are the primary Omnivores who like to eat fruits.
  • Pink Fairy armadillos and swallows are the Insectivores.
  • Humans are the Granivores.

Humans are Granivores because of their diet consists Grains like wheat, rice etc. These grains fulfil the maximum requirement of the human dietary requirements. The creature consume both plants and animal are Omnivorous.

Carnivorous Animals

Carnivorous AnimalsGenerally a meat-eater is a Carnivorous. Carnivorous is a creatures who consume animal tissues to give energy to his organism. Animals protein are the main source of energy or dietary requirement’s for them. Animal those depends on the animal flesh solely are called obligate carnivorous, on the other hand Facultative carnivorous are depends on non-animal food. similar to the Omnivorous who can consume both plants and animals.

It’s not only Animals who dominate the Carnivorous category but there is some plants are also Carnivorous. Various phyla, a primary taxonomic category contains Carnivorous Fungi, a insectivorous. The Carnivorous mostly web the micro invertebrates like springtails, amoebae, nematodes.

All the Carnivorous are categorised as per dietary consumption’s. For example the Carnivorous who eat microscopic invertebrates are called insectivores. Owls are the Carnivorous birds. Piscivores are generally consumed fish as a main food. Land dwelling vertebrates and Tetrapods are the main Piscivores. They are also known as Labyrinthodonts.

Characteristics of Carnivorous

Animal flesh is main source of dietary nutrition for carnivorous. The characteristics are general associated with the body parts which capable the Carnivorous to hunt the other animals, capable them to tear the prey and eat. The strong teeth and claws are the main organs.

Carnivorous are most hunt their own hunt but some of the animal who hunt for themselves but also depends on the other animals for the food are called Scavengers. Scavengers are generally eat the carcasses and dead animals.